Rainy Friday…

With dozens of projects to choose from, top priority was given to cleaning and rearranging our upstairs rooms.  As I was moving this and arranging that, I decided to move a chest of drawers to my closet downstairs and suddenly  my closet  moved up from off the list to top. Seems like it took forever to get it cleaned and organized —It’s those things that keep a person from having time to sit and blog.

Today, however, I’m returning to the original priority and the sound of the steady rain on the roof makes it a cozy place to work.  Husband has been working 10-hour days, but is home today to help schlep, so I’ve got to get to work…  Just so you know, here’s the Before…




It’s a great rainy-day project…

2 thoughts on “Rainy Friday…

    1. Right now, I’m just thinking Clean. I have some painting-type projects waiting for me out in the shed, though, and your blog is inspiring me to get them done. Thanks for stopping by—there Will be an After shot!


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