second cup of coffee…

The opening ritual of my school-year routine is making coffee–grind beans, brew, drink one mug here, fill it up again, snap on a lid, and have my second cup in the Nurse’s Office at school.   Starting out with the coffee doesn’t change during summer vacay, but now I get to have my second cup here, at Sonnystone, relaxing and writing.   Any school worker can tell you that the last few days of school are confusingly chaotic, randomly slow and fast, and by the time it’s over, you are Ready…

81 Days: A Sonnystone Summer Vacation

Thanks to Pinterest, I have tons of projects I’m going to be working on:  painting some old windows, making a sign for the back, giving the new grill a work-out,  turning upstairs into a little girls’ bedroom.   I even have plans to buy a sewing machine..!  Melissa and her crew plan on staying with us for a long spell in July, I’ll be going back to work at the track on the 4th of July, job-sharing.  I also plan some time to just sit…

The first of my ongoing projects starts as soon as I finish up reading my current Nero Wolfe on Nook:

Summer Reading Program

  • Preface:  I read the other day that part of the Little Women series included a book called Good Wives and had a panic attack thinking there was actually a book about Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy that I had not read.  False alarm, it’s just what’s considered Part II of Little Women;  but in the process of looking for my copy of Little Women I ran across all of my books–real, actual books that I have slept with and carressed.  I felt like a cheating lover…  It’s true that reading the Nook is easier on my eyes, but that’s no excuse to have neglected Books for such a while.  There’s also the fact that I spend an inordinate amount of money buying  the Nookbooks…
  • I’m in the process of compiling lists of books to read this summer, beginning with (you guessed it) Little Women.  I’m going to use the library to find books that have eye-sparing print-sizes… I love any excuse to haunt the libraries.  I’ll write reviews of some over at my rave on, madwoman blog.  Should be fun, huh?

We had planned to take off on a camping trip as soon as school was out, but I forgot that it is Memorial Day Week-end and didn’t get reservations early enough.   It’s turned out fine, though, since the weather has stretched my gardening work.  Weather now seems to be perfect for opening the campsite here at Sonnystone and we’ll be doing some grave-decorating, as well.

I’ve finished the second cup of coffee…  xo

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