3 more days…

I have soo missed you…  In addition to being overwhelmed by too many unfinished projects here at home, I’ve been struggling to meet the end-of-school deadlines at work.  I still am feeling under the gun, but I figured I could at least write a quick note to explain myself.    Wednesday is the last day of our 2012-2013 school year;  I am ready—taking in treats today for the 8th graders, tomorrow for the 7th graders, and Wednesday the PTSA treats me!!  I always get sentimental on Class Day, but forget about it in, oh, say 5 minutes?  Weather and other intrusions have slowed my gardening, but it’s nearly all planted.  Opening the windows of the house was such joy…until it blew the dust into a storm and necessitated a day of cleaning.

I will be doing live daily blogging again this summer, with several projects planned,  so I hope you’ll get back in the habit of checking in…


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