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Rainy Friday…

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With dozens of projects to choose from, top priority was given to cleaning and rearranging our upstairs rooms.  As I was moving this and arranging that, I decided to move a chest of drawers to my closet downstairs and suddenly  my closet  moved up from off the list to top. Seems like it took forever to get it cleaned and organized —It’s those things that keep a person from having time to sit and blog.

Today, however, I’m returning to the original priority and the sound of the steady rain on the roof makes it a cozy place to work.  Husband has been working 10-hour days, but is home today to help schlep, so I’ve got to get to work…  Just so you know, here’s the Before…




It’s a great rainy-day project…

cemeteries, bars, and toilets (not necessarily in that order)

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The Unexpected is expected when you live in an older home…  An emergency toilet replacement was carried out this week-end—I’ve soo been wanting a new one, right?

That doesn’t sound so inspiring, but we really have been on a work-binge all week-end.  In addition to a lot of gardening (to be reported over at Growing Every Season), we got a strong start on the upstairs bedroom re-do.  We put in a window air-conditioner, scratched our heads and asked, “why did that take us 10 years?”  I didn’t want to give up my window and Casey thought the window was too small. As he answered, “because we’re chowderheads”.  The changes upstairs spilled down to my closet and I’ve been grimly going through Too Many Clothes that don’t fit, ready for another trip to the Goodwill…

Today we stopped and visited a couple of cemeteries, mostly Casey’s family.  His grandma and grandpa Gibbs are buried in Locust Hill Cemetery, a very old, very German cemetery.  I’m intrigued by old cemeteries…there is that entire phallus theme going, large obelisks and columns, just to show that some folks are bigger, even in the afterlife.

Who says you can’t take it with you?

Casey’s Dad always wins the Best Headstone, family member, award:

We’d planned to drive over to Grayville and Albion, but my blood sugar dropped, transforming me into a grump, and verry close to spewing bile over anyone who approached me, so we stopped for a quick bar-burger.

After couple of beers, we decided to head on home and enjoy the fruits of our labor. (I’m planning a visit to Illinois soon, so I’ll be giving you a call, Nu-Nu!)

Today, the first Monday of my 81 days, is windy, 73degrees, birds chirping and gardens happily drenched with last night’s rains. By the time the high temperature of 87 degrees arrives, I hope to have all of my errands done and to be swinging on the front porch…


****editor’s note: it is Not Monday–it just feels like one.

Breakfast with Olivia

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Olivia’s been awake since 5am…   We are such mean grandparents that we told her it was too early to get out of bed and answered her plaintive “I’m weally, weally hungwy” plea  with “you have to wait until 6 o’clock”, so she counted the minutes off for us, one by one…until 6…   She always wakes up happy and talking…  Grandpa fixed her breakfast and let  me sleep in, so I managed to stay under the covers until 7 or so—it is COLD outside.  We’ve got plenty of activities planned:  Farmers Market, opening up the camper, planting some marigolds…   Olivia loves to help, so I’m sure we’ll get a ton of stuff accomplished…>nudge-wink<

second cup of coffee…

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The opening ritual of my school-year routine is making coffee–grind beans, brew, drink one mug here, fill it up again, snap on a lid, and have my second cup in the Nurse’s Office at school.   Starting out with the coffee doesn’t change during summer vacay, but now I get to have my second cup here, at Sonnystone, relaxing and writing.   Any school worker can tell you that the last few days of school are confusingly chaotic, randomly slow and fast, and by the time it’s over, you are Ready…

81 Days: A Sonnystone Summer Vacation

Thanks to Pinterest, I have tons of projects I’m going to be working on:  painting some old windows, making a sign for the back, giving the new grill a work-out,  turning upstairs into a little girls’ bedroom.   I even have plans to buy a sewing machine..!  Melissa and her crew plan on staying with us for a long spell in July, I’ll be going back to work at the track on the 4th of July, job-sharing.  I also plan some time to just sit…

The first of my ongoing projects starts as soon as I finish up reading my current Nero Wolfe on Nook:

Summer Reading Program

  • Preface:  I read the other day that part of the Little Women series included a book called Good Wives and had a panic attack thinking there was actually a book about Jo, Meg, Beth, and Amy that I had not read.  False alarm, it’s just what’s considered Part II of Little Women;  but in the process of looking for my copy of Little Women I ran across all of my books–real, actual books that I have slept with and carressed.  I felt like a cheating lover…  It’s true that reading the Nook is easier on my eyes, but that’s no excuse to have neglected Books for such a while.  There’s also the fact that I spend an inordinate amount of money buying  the Nookbooks…
  • I’m in the process of compiling lists of books to read this summer, beginning with (you guessed it) Little Women.  I’m going to use the library to find books that have eye-sparing print-sizes… I love any excuse to haunt the libraries.  I’ll write reviews of some over at my rave on, madwoman blog.  Should be fun, huh?

We had planned to take off on a camping trip as soon as school was out, but I forgot that it is Memorial Day Week-end and didn’t get reservations early enough.   It’s turned out fine, though, since the weather has stretched my gardening work.  Weather now seems to be perfect for opening the campsite here at Sonnystone and we’ll be doing some grave-decorating, as well.

I’ve finished the second cup of coffee…  xo

Last night’s entertainment…

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We headed back to Redeemer last evening for Olivia’s Preschool end-of-year program.   It was, of course, adorable and fun…020

>sigh< …they grow up quickly, don’t they??

3 more days…

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I have soo missed you…  In addition to being overwhelmed by too many unfinished projects here at home, I’ve been struggling to meet the end-of-school deadlines at work.  I still am feeling under the gun, but I figured I could at least write a quick note to explain myself.    Wednesday is the last day of our 2012-2013 school year;  I am ready—taking in treats today for the 8th graders, tomorrow for the 7th graders, and Wednesday the PTSA treats me!!  I always get sentimental on Class Day, but forget about it in, oh, say 5 minutes?  Weather and other intrusions have slowed my gardening, but it’s nearly all planted.  Opening the windows of the house was such joy…until it blew the dust into a storm and necessitated a day of cleaning.

I will be doing live daily blogging again this summer, with several projects planned,  so I hope you’ll get back in the habit of checking in…


the Coldest Derby Ever…

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I’m accustomed to the rainy derby experience…about half the time it’s wet.  Kentucky Derby 139 was the Very Coldest, not to mention how dreadfully drab…   The track was so muddy that I couldn’t actually see the number of the winning horse…but Orb was one of my picks to show, as well as the third-place finisher, Revolutionary.  So I broke even!!!    That’s the same as winning, isn’t it???

I think so…



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