Before & After

I am wide awake at this ungodly 3am hour, trying to catch up…  We’ve had waay too many projects going on, all of them unfinished, and before I had thought through the plans;  to sum it up…I feel completely out of control.  Shall we share?

The Kitchen Project…

It all started with the floor.  While I was in NYC the last week of March, Casey began laying the vinyl.  It was still wintry, if you remember, and he was called out to work several times, delaying the finish.  There was a filthy closet that we painted and re-organized and we were inspired by bright, white paint to panel a damaged wall, then continued to cover the backsplash…  (by the way, Casey took before and after pictures of the flooring with the old digital camera and I cannot seem to find a way to get them off the damn camera;  later, maybe).



We plan to eventually paint, but suddenly Spring sprang and we ran outside to work in the gardens, saving the rest for a rainy day…

Vectren killed my trees…

I knew the utility crews were going to be trimming soon, so I wasn’t surprised when I came home one afternoon saw them out front;  I was shocked when I saw that they had topped my trees!!!  and if you think mine are bad, you should see what they did to several neighbors.


I’m accustomed to the unsightly hacking that goes with keeping branches off of the electrical lines, but these people just cut off the tops of trees that were nowhere near being a hazard…and if you’ve ever been to a Master Gardener class with Larry Caplan, you have heard his recurring sermon that topping trees Kills Them—they get their nourishment from their Tops!  I was sick about it and we knew we’d have to just cut them down.   Friday, a fella came by from Vectren, apologizing and assuring us that the crew that had gone on a topping-spree had been fired.  They will send another crew out to remove the dead timber…  That’s okay with us, but I surely feel for the neighbors who lost more…

Debit-card fraud…

I wasted hours at the bank thinking someone had gotten my card number…contesting charges from one of my favorite haunts…changing over to a more protected card…then discovered that Backstage B&G had sent a notice on facebook informing us that their processor had failed to process some gratuities from February and March.  Why didn’t the bank catch that??  Oh, well, I’m much safer now, but I accidentally screwed the bar out of $13.  And wasted my time.

New gas grill…

I don’t have a picture, but we got a new gas grill.  It’s an “infrared” grill, so there will be some adjustment.  Just to add to my confusion, Casey brought the grill inside to set it up, where it cluttered the floor for several days…

Garden project…

I’ll elaborate more about this over at the garden blog:  we’re moving the fence around the veggie garden, adding a new gate, new planting boxes…major, major renovation…


That’s your final “before”…for now.    So we’re caught up…I’ll do the dishes and get to sleep…


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