where I’ve been…


I’ve been feeling so tired and crappy lately, and that twinge under my shoulderblade is back, racing down my arm to my fingertips unexpectedly without provocation.     I’ve given in to the napping and applied the heating pad…and I’ve been reading a lot of blogs instead of writing them.

When I read some of the stuff over at wordpress freshly pressed, I can only grade myself with a C.  I know that many of them aspire to be real, paid authors, but it’s amazing how good people can write..for free…Just because they really, really like to write.     Of course, there are groups of bloggers who become fast friends, sharing the same hobby or philosophy;  more deserve to become financially successful than actually achieve it.  I’m just in it for the fun of it, and reading others’ work is as fun as writing it…almost.  But I’ve got to bring up my grade…

The kitchen is still a bit torn up, and I’ve felt a little pressure to get it finished and get outside, so I welcomed the rains which eliminated the distraction.  We have a 3-day week-end (thanks to not using our Snow Days) and we’ll hopefully be finished up by Sunday.  I am bad at the before part of before-and-after, but I’ll try to explain how much better it all looks in a future post.

In the meantime, back to the heating pad…

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