Before I go…

Just a few things to share…

Well, s!#*, f*^#, h!@#…  When I bought my plane tickets, I didn’t notice that the return trip was from JFK…  That’s a more expensive cab ride, as well as an airport that I’m not familiar with, and I am too old and grouchy to learn something new, so I paid out the wazoo to change it.  I had a pretty good price on the original ticket, but $150 more took it out of bargain status and into “might as well have flown out of Evansville”…

Then today a phone call interrupted my peaceful quandary over packing and it was a Delta Airlines recording informing me that my flight out had been Cancelled…   Repeat bad language as seen above…  After some time working with the travelocity folks, I was rebooked for a later flight and I’m hoping to get comped something from Delta…maybe let me carry on a 12-oz bottle of perfume?  The lady said the flight was cancelled because of weather, but offered me a trip on an Earlier flight??  I protested and she admitted that they had “thinned” the flights, so I reasoned that the earlier flight will be delayed.   We are supposed to get hit with a little swirl of snow (but none in Nashville) and I guess NYC is scheduled for another hit, as well, so I chose the  4:15pm flight, arrive LGA 7:28p.  I personally wouldn’t mind if I never saw snow again—if I missed it, I’d go to the mountains—and wouldn’t consider living north of my current latitude.  Nashville might be a perfect location, actually…

Proving that all things work out;  Casey had gone to Lowe’s to buy the flooring and the Man there was Not Helpful, telling him there were no available boxes at any stores “nearby” and that it would be 7-10 days for an order to arrive.  We checked online and there’s plenty available in Madisonville, (and quite a bit in Henderson) so we’ll swing by there and pick it up on our way to TN.

Since we had to revamp the plans, we’ll also stop by Tootsie’s and Robert’s Western World in Nashville…


Reason to celebrate:  Today marks One Year since I have smoked a cigarette.    It still surprises me that I gave it up, but where’s the $1,825 I allegedly saved?    I haven’t felt that at all, but Not Smoking 9,300 cigarettes over the past year has saved my lungs and throat…and I smell a lot better.

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