marching on…

YaYaYaaY!!!   TGIF and Spring Break!!  I know, I know…the weather sucks.  But it’s the last week of March and warming temps can’t be too far off.  I hope…

I’m leaving Monday, flying out from Nashville to NYC;  returning Saturday, 6pm or so.  While the weather won’t be ideal, there shouldn’t be any rain…   I’m just so excited to be there, who cares?   While I’m gone, Casey will be installing new kitchen flooring.   We have some Big Plans for some painting and carpet and the kitchen is our Kick-Off project.  I forget to take “before” pictures, but I bet Casey will remember.

In the meantime…  I had seen a really cool French Country sideboard/hutch kinda thing down at the consignment shop.  It’s 76″ long and I pictured it in the dining room, but… I would have to move tons of glassware and do something with the hutch I’ve got and  it was pricey.   The consignment shop lowers prices every 30 days and as I checked in monthly, I noticed it wasn’t selling…until finally it was down to 50% off and and extra 10% for writing a check.  Still…I just couldn’t justify changing all that dining stuff around…when it dawned on me… how about using it as a desk??:


This still entailed some moving around of desks and wires, setting some dust bunnies free, and I’m still working on the shelves.  I like it…

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