Hurry up, Spring…(break)

With only 6 days until The Official Start of Spring, 2013, Winter is still hanging tight with frosty tempeatures and snowcloud skies. Spring has already called out to the tulips, crocus, daffodils and budding trees and they are excited to add welcoming color to the gray/brown palette.

I had thought that the early move to Daylight Saving Time would actually make the days longer in a Good Way. So far, I just feel robbed of an hour of precious sleep while faced with a looong day. I’m hoping this headache will be gone by the time Winter truly moves on down the road and Spring breezes in with blooms and green.

The Countdown to Spring Break is much more sure…12 more days until I’m in NYC. That will be Holy Week, so I’m hoping to be of some service to my daughter as she works a Busy Time at St.Joseph. I hope Spring has sprung that week, but the love will be shining…


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