TGIF (& I got my tickets!)

This has been a week of “what day is it?”… We had ISTEP at school and our schedules were different; Olivia stayed with us 2 nights, one of which Casey was out working; in all Casey worked 2 nights this week as we had several smatterings of snow without real accumulation; I got a new computer at work and spent more than an hour killing time watching our lovely IT person get it going. All week long I thought it was Thursday (wishful thinking?).

But it’s in the past now! We’re heading into a week-end that not only promises 60-degree temperatures, but we’re Springing Forward into Daylight Saving Time…and I do love me some daylight.

Best Part: I bought my tickets for Spring Break!! Leaving out of Nashville for NYC 3/25, flying back 3/30, I’ll spend 4.5 Glorious Days with the Jose’ Fam. Yippee!!

Have a great day, friend!


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