In like a cowardly lion…

March 1 brought us smattering of swirling snow starting and stopping, a reminder that Winter is still here, but not very menacing… (I hate to say that, though because Anything can happen until mid-April around these parts).  We just got back from eating some dinner downtown;  readying ourselves for some movies tonight.

I watched The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) from beginning to end, carefully, on Thursday evening.  I have watched it before, not as carefully, and knew I liked it;  now I know I love this movie..  The Tenenbaums remind me of the Glass family, JD Salinger’s fictional characters;  they are just soo weird and genius and tragically, funnily odd.  I just want to hug them.  Thanks, Melissa, for reminding me about this movie.  

I was also able to watch Exit Through The Gift Shop (2010), a documentary  by Banksy, a mysterious Street Artist.  Banksy himself is followed by an amateur film-maker, but soon the photographer becomes an artist himself and is filmed by Banksy… or is it a mockumentary?   It was interesting and fun, though.

Time’s Marching on:  we set our clocks forward  Next Week..!  I’m not sure I”m ready for the disruption to my sleep, but maybe it will hurry us on toward Spring.  I’ve not yet bought my tickets to NYC for spring break, but I’m looking forward to setting that date.    For now, we’ll just enjoy the pretty snow and warming fire…

(Still taking suggestions for movies, etc.)

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