Oscars, grandkids, birthdays…

What did you think of the Oscars?  I will have to watch Argo first chance I get, but I’m more interested in seeing the Others:  Les Miserables, The Life of Pi, and that Silver Linings looked like a good one, as well.   I don’t understand why the Academy has their host do a 20-minute opening—why not just start the show with a little film or something?   At any rate, I didn’t think Seth McFarlane was too funny, but I wasn’t ever offended.    Too bad, but the Golden Globes and the Grammy Awards are usually a much better production.   That said, it was Wonderful to hear Barbra Streisand and Shirley Bassey sing again.  I didn’t understand why they did the Chicago bits, but it was good fun.  I rather enjoyed the ” Boobs” song&dance.  There were a lot of pretty gowns;  George Clooney is finally looking older;  that Kristin Chenowith was obnoxious.  Best Bit:  Adele.  She’s a real Winner.

After buzzing from brewpub to brewpub in Indy on Saturday, I was rather obnoxious myself at the Museum of Art.  Seems I wasn’t supposed to take pictures of  The Art, but I argued that I only took pictures of my Grand-daughters…don’t you agree:?

they’re dancing on the Art…

We had such a wonderful day…


I spent perhaps a little too much time last year dreading turning 60, but now that the Big Day has Been and Gone, I Scoff at Age:::HA!!  It was just the beginning of Jubilee year, so don’t put away your dancing shoes and keep your mugs handy—I’m gonna wear out that tiara!!!







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