57, 58…finis movie project

  • …These last 2 movies have been a Great ending to The Movie Project :

The King’s  Speech (2010).  Well…seems I should have known that I would like this movie.  First of all, The Queen Mum in her historical Self is one of my Most Admired for sheer Spunk;  she made Cute Cool.  Right away, Helena Bonham Carter, though not short enough, did well to convey who She was.  Then, there’s Mrs. Simpson, crass, but you can’t help but stare—sort of like Anne Boleyn, really; and her lackey, David, King Edward 7.  Bertie was so sympathetic…the whole Royal Family seemed so Normal in their dysfunction.    The 1930’s decor, culture;  British pomp and snobbery…  >sigh<  I Love this movie.  

I absolutely Dreaded watching The Artist (2011) until I saw that it was filed under “comedy”.  Okay, I thought, I can give this a go.  But Silent?????   There is music, some easy-to-read dialogue cards, and a Story that can be readily understood without sound.  It’s not really a comedy, more like a tragicomedy…  I felt like all of the characters were fully flesh.  It was Amazing…really Amazing..!

I’m Amazed  that I’ve watched 58 movies in the last 40 days..!  It’s been Enlightening, to say the Least.  Are we ready for the Oscars this Sunday?


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