happy birthday, dear mom…

Today would have been my mom’s 82nd birthday.  She died, young and feeling fine, at 71.  Since school was out today, I made a date with one of mom’s oldest, dearest friends to share memories about the lady we still miss…

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my early childhood, I spent my first 3 years in Albion, IL, specifically a little house on South Second that I don’t remember.   The family who lived next door (Dick, Mildred, Kenny, Tom and Ricky Dean) were great friends with us in that 1950’s small-town way that cannot be replicated.   I was due to be born on Mildred’s birthday and so she and mom made a deal:  if I was was born on Mil’s birthday, she could name me.  Mildred had always wanted to name a little girl Lou…so she came up with Billie Lou or Bobbie Lou (after my dad).  I was, alas, born just before midnight the day before her birthday, so I was named after my mother, no Lou.  This is me and Mildred (who one of us named Nu-Nu) on my first birthday, would have been her 25th:

menunu slip

I brought over an album of old pictures that included the above picture.  Nu-Nu, not to be outdone, gave me several of her own photos, including 2 that I’ve never, ever seen before.

You don’t know how exciting it was to look at these pictures of my mom, 20-years-old and pregnant with my sister…not exactly barefoot and pregnant, but happy and showing off her belly…!!!    Her hair is put up in bobby pins and Mildred remembers that they laughed and had such a great day taking these…

rubypreggers1 001

Oh, dear Mom, I still miss you.  LoveLoveLove.

Peace (2019)


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