At the matinee…

It was a day for the cousins at UE’s production of “The Heidi Chronicles”.  Casey snapped a pic of us as we were leaving…


The Heidi Chronicles, by Wendy Wasserman, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1989.  It pretty much swept the Tonys that year, as well.  The scenes of the women coming together for a Feminist Agenda in their Sister-Empowering Groups seems out of date today.  Though I remember that fervor we had to avoid becoming dependent on men, it doesn’t seem at all bright or relevant anymore.     It was sad, though, to watch Heidi’s feeling of betrayal when all of her Sisters married…  Lana didn’t like that she gave in and adopted a baby, though I feel that’s really what most of our generation did…    It ran a little long, could have moved a little quicker…

As usual, we had a great time, especially Ronna…

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