52, 53…(if you’re counting)

The guy who wrote the screenplay for “Million Dollar Baby” was Paul Haggis, a Canadian fella whose career started as a writer for “Love Boat” and “Different Strokes”.   You can see how you got to $1,000,000 baby from there.  Same year that he lost the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for Baby, he was doing His Thing:  Crash (2005).  He produced, directed, wrote the screenplay, composed the music; in addition to Best Picture, he won Best Writing, original screenplay, and was nominated for Best director.  I think he deserved more.   This movie has no Star and that’s what makes it.  It’s a story of several relationships… kind of like “Law and Order” juxtaposed to “Sex In The City” abruptly turning to “L.A. Law”, but much more serious than I’m able to describe.  There is an undercurrent of what some would call racism, but what is ultimately judgment and fear of  Different.   It’s sobering and sad, but I would watch this one again.  Ludacris…who knew?

I’ve decided that certain movie Actors can keep me interested in a story that otherwise lacks merit.  There was gang of them to seduce me into watching The Departed (2006):  Jack Nicholson as cray-cray Frank Costello;  Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy, an angry young man;  Matt Damon as Collin Sullivan, who only has to wear those wife-beaters and turn around and I would watch him…all the way.  A lot of brains splattered, splashed, spewed, and spurted while these fellas just stepped over the mess—until it was their brains…   I still haven’t figured out exactly who was who, but those guys were great.

You know, I think I may have counted wrong…  Some morning, when my mind is clear, I’m going to do a re-count.

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