43, 44, and Olivia’s choice

Olivia is here tonight, so we’re having a break from the alleged best pictures, watching Blue and Sprinkles in “Knights of the Snack Table”.  Their human friend, Joe, seems to have gained some weight…

Last night we Tried to watch The English Patient (1996), but gave up after an hour or so.  The jumping back and forth in time was confusing and none of the characters seemed real.  The love story was appealing, but the spy stuff was where they lost me.   We honestly gave it a valiant effort, but even after I resorted to reading the synopsis, it was no fun.  Sorry.

So we moved on to Titanic (1997), a Huge movie that I rather dreaded watching.   I had heard that the boat sinks…  I will again complain about the running time (195 minutes)  and admire those of you who have watched this over and over.  I watched the first part last night and finished it up this afternoon, so the length didn’t seem so oppressive.  I never thought Leonardo DiCaprio was very good-looking, but I feel differently after watching this.  He and Kate Winslett were great together.  So now I see what all the fuss was about.

We’re lightening it up tomorrow…

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