24, 25,26 movie project

I just don’t think that Annie Hall (1977) was all that great, not great enough to beat out “Star Wars”.  Sure, sure, Diane Keaton dressed cool and the dialogue was quick and mostly funny, but for me a little bit of Woody Allen goes a long way.  Back in the early 70’s I had seen a bunch of  his movies: ” Take the money and run”, “Bananas”, and they all just seemed the same gag and gag-lines overandover,     The Academy did like them some woody that year, awarding him with Best Director, and Best Screenplay, as well as nominating him for Best Actor—-That was Acting????   Diane Keaton won Best Actress…(lucky for her they didn’t nominate Princess Leia).  But it was kinda cute and easy to watch…

Unlike The Deer Hunter (1978)…a movie that horrifies me with its dark brutality.  I lucked out and had to order it held at another library branch; picked it up today…but I don’t know if I can really watch it.  It’s just too much for my gentle spirit.  Husband will be happy to see it, though, and I’ll just check in from time to time.  From the minute I saw this one on the list, I knew I could not bear to see that russian roulette stuff…I accidentally saw it many years back and…I just can’t watch it.   Sorry.  Since I had to wait for it, we moved on to

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) last night.  It’s a heart-warming show, though I always felt the plot was contrived.   The little boy was the youngest nominee for Best Supporting actor in the Academy’s history and he was good. Dustin Hoffman won Best Actor, Meryl Streep Best Supporting Actress in a year that saw Sally Field win Best Actress for “Norma Rae” (but she didn’t know we really like her then).      The movie was up against “Apocalypse Now”, so I’m relieved I didn’t have to watch that;  it also beat out “All That Jazz” and I wouldn’t have minded re-watching that again.

I’m finally to the 80’s now, must keep on…

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