movie project, ongoing

Tonight we’re watching Dora, The Haircut…you guessed it, Olivia is here for her bi-weekly sleepover.   We’ve been out for dinner and now she’s settling down for the night.  Sort of.  But she will…

Tuesday evening we watched The French Connection (1971).  I had only seen “parts” of this movie on TV and it never made sense to me, so I was looking forward to figuring out what the heck was going on.  I watched it all, even re-ran the ending and it still doesn’t make sense to me.  Sorry.  The end, especially, when “popeye” Doyle kills the wrong guy and then runs into the warehouse after the bad guy (the french connection)  puzzles me.  You hear one shot and then the screen immediately fades to black.  As the credits roll, it reads that the french guy actually got away;  Doyle and his partner got kicked off the narcotics squad….   Who or what did popeye shoot?   Anyway, all the way through it was complicated.  Gene Hackman won the Oscar for best actor that year;  his partner was Roy Scheider, the guy from “All that Jazz” (and others) and it was fun watching them together, buttttt…..  Not one I would watch again, unlike

The Godfather (1972), which I could watch over and over.   This movie changed our world, didn’t it?   What did we do before Don Corleone made that offer we couldn’t refuse?   As much as I love this one, I love Part II a little more, which we’ll be watching tomorrow night.  Tonight (after Dora) it’s The Sting, another movie I can watch repeatedly.

This week we celebrated (from afar) the birthdays of my NYC grand-daughters:  Emma turned 7 and Eliza turned 2.  I sent off books and love.  Tonight Olivia and I called and sang “Happy Birthday” to Emma.   It’s sooo cold— here and there— that I’ve been a little worried about the girls little hands freezing off…  I wish we could all be together, snuggling in front of a fire with hot chocolate while I read aloud, with expression…   Lovelovelove the grandkids…

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