11, 12 (movie project)

I was up late last night watching

My Fair Lady  

It’s been called “the perfect musical” and all of its songs are familiar, but the misogynistic Professor Higgins is an arse…and the ending sucks.    This is another one that is dubbed by Marni Nixon, though not completely.  Audrey Hepburn really sings “just you wait, ‘enry ‘iggins”  and does sing one line of “I could have danced all night” before Marni’s voice comes in…and if you’re listening, you notice it acutely.  I love Audrey, though, and the gowns, especially at the races, are lovely.  Rex Harrison seems like he’s as arsish as the professor;  he was called “sexy Rexy” because of his philandering and alleged magnetism, but I just don’t see it…at all…  The role of Eliza was originally played on Broadway by Julie Andrews and I think she would have been wonderful…but I got my Julie fix next up, spending my morning (and part of this afternoon) watching

The Sound of Music   

I love this movie, watched it again from beginning to end, sang along, cried a little…  It is perfect, really..

I’m off to the library now to return and restock.



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