Movie Project, 8, 9, 10…

Hellpp!!  I’m trying to focus on the Good in these movies, looking for that redeeming quality that thrust it forward to be chosen for an Oscar…Academy Award Winner in the category of Best Picture, years 1961…1962…1963…

The Apartment   

I just waited and waited for this movie to improve…please…  Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine…Billy Wilder, iconic Hollywood producer.   I guess I’m just a goody 2-shoes, but this tale of office infidelity and suicidal women did not make me laugh.  Jack Lemmon is a little bit like Tom Hanks, not that good-looking, but a good-guy;  Shirley MacLaine just seemed like she was Acting; Fred McMurray…I felt like he might fly off in an old flibberty-gibbet…   No Chemistry…  The theme may have been risque, but the “performers” seemed like they were in acting class and earning an “B”.

West Side Story   

I Love Musicals, but I learned to love them by listening to the soundtracks, mostly, and I sang along with Carol Lawrence to this one and have always resented that Natalie Wood was chosen to portray Maria in this move.  Rita Moreno and George Chakiris (from the Broadway cast) won Oscars.   It also won Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Set Decoration-Color, Best Costume Design–Color, Best Sound, Best Film-editing, Best Music…  I’d rather see it on stage, even today…  It’s like Shakespeare…but i’m still singing the songs, with my own choreography…

Lawrence of Arabia   

What is it with these LOOOONNNNGGGGAAASSS movies???  Even the synopsis is long and boring…..BOOORRRIIINNNGGG…SWEEEEPPING shots of Desert Sand…..ZZZZZZzzzzz

Staying with the order, the 1964 (allegedly) Best Picture winner was “Tom Jones” and the library doesn’t even Own it…  I’m grateful for that!  Casey is camping Sat-Sun and I’ll dance my way through some musicals….

In related news, I’ve changed my Look.  I’ll try to get some pictures tomorrow.  TGIF.

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