Movie Project…starting tonight

I’ve decided to watch all the winners of the Best Picture Academy Award, starting with the year I was born:  1953. (That’s 60 movies to watch in the next 42 days, prior to the Oscar Show of 2013 on February 24.)    This project  looks challenging–some of these movies are going to make me verry uncomfortable, as I don’t really like sadness,  violence even in war, or intensity of the scary kind.  Some of them I have seen, but I’ll watch them again. and husband is along for the ride.

List in hand, I headed down to Central Library to start borrowing…  The winner in 1953 was “From Here to Eternity” and I had to order that one from one of the library branches, to be delivered by Tuesday.  Rationalizing, the awards are given each year for movies released the prior year, right?  So it doesn’t (much) upset my OCD to start with the Best Picture of 1954:  “On the Waterfront” … followed by “Marty” (1955);  “Around the World in 80 Days” (1956)  and “The Bridge on the River Kwai” (1957)… I know you’re whistling now, but I probably won’t get to that one until tomorrow.

I’ll be blogging as I come up for air…


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