Sunday afternoons in winter can get a little longish, quickly deteriorating into napping and eating  even if you sleep late.  I know y’all just Had to watch your team get its’ ass kicked today, but I took off for an afternoon of research at Willard Library.  I dragged along Olivia (and her parents) to show her, for the first time, a library that only had books….

From the moment I step into Willard, I feel that I”ve stepped back in Time…


And despite its lack of  movies or CDs, Olivia found it enchanting, spotting puzzles, a globe, and lots of what it’s supposed to have:  Books…


I have  felt that this library was “mine” since Mrs. Fuhrer introduced me to the Children’s room way back when Miss Helen was the librarian.  Even when I was a teenager and they suspended my check-out  privileges until I could pay my overdue fines (actually, I just changed my name), I continued to haunt the place, especially on Sunday afternoons.

It’s partly the architecture…


…and its creaky stairs with the faint scent of Murphy’s soap…


but it’s mainly mostly (honestly) all about the books…


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