Looking Forward…

Welcome to  2013…

smallish nap

I will turn 60 on February 23.  I am in good company, as the entire Harrison HS Class of 1971 is planning a Birthday Party.   It’s great to see old classmates on Facebook, but perhaps we’re better left in that 2-dimensional world, for various reasons.  We’ll see about that, but I can guarantee you that there will be a gala for Me, probably several throughout the year… it’s a Jubilee, remember?

time to drink champagne and dance on tables

As mentioned in the retrospective, I need to lose a little weight.   I can still pull up the proper discipline to trim the calories and run the treadmill to get in shape, but my shape seems to have changed:  thicker in the middle, waving arms and wrinkly wrinkles just about everywhere…   Still, “looking good for your age” is a compliment I can accept.


Most of the every-dayness of my life will remain the same.  My work with middle-schoolers provides me with the proper amount of drama and comedy.  I’ll continue to blog and read.


I’ll keep slogging through the dust and grime here at Sonnystone, but we do have plans to paint and lay new flooring in the kitchen (don’t tell Casey, but new carpet in the East Wing is on my secret list).

clean house

Like all gardeners, I will improve my gardens this year.  We know we’ll be planting at least one large tree (bald cypress?) or maybe two (southern magnolia?).


Places on the travel list:  Charleston, SC camping; Houston, TX with my twin cousin;  another Bourbon tour with camping at the Horse Park;  Nashville, TN just to stroll broadway (but maybe the BluesFest on my bday);  NYC for Easter. The Entire Family will go to Disney World at Christmas.


The greatest bit of  Wisdom, acquired from experience, is to live each day with a respectful acceptance that it may be my last, or your last,  and to seek peace with myself and with you.  I do not want to waste time arguing or angry;  I do not want to waste time trying to make you like me.


I want to meet each morning with a smile (it masks the wrinkles) and go to bed each night with a clear conscience.  I don’t know what 2013 has in store for me—but Bring It On.

it is

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