Looking Back…

2012 turned out to be a good year…Very Good, actually.  It started rather poorly with the Lutherans throwing me out without a word.  I have to admit, that was a really low time for me.  I really thought I’d… well, I didn’t think it would turn out that way.  In time, I came to a deeper understanding of my life and Who I serve and How I serve.  But it took some Time, as everything Important does.

By Spring Break, I was ready for Yet Another Lesson:  Spring Break must not be spent doing Nothing; lack of structure caused conflict in the marriage.  What I did good that week:  quit smoking cigarettes.

Yes, in 2012 I Finally quit with the ciggies;  however, I gained 20 pounds—yes 20 pounds..!  I’m a little sick about that, but I’ll work on it in 2013.  The weight is just one of the physical negatives of 2012—the saga of the sagging jowels continues unabated and I gave up a few more teeth.

In June we started in with the traveling and  didn’t stop…NYC via Mayberry; Walt Disney World; Nashville; Louisville; NYC for Thanksgiving; NOLA for Christmas.  We’re on a roll that we plan on continuing throughout 2013.

My work as school nurse has given me great joy;  my job at Ellis Park was fun, too.  All of the people I work with, all of the folks I met up with and was honored to help have contributed to a great year.

I continued to enjoy my gardening, both at home and with SWIMGA.  The drought was no fun and neither was my water bill, but the Better Boy tomatoes, fresh from the vine, were worth every bit of pain.

I bought a baby grand piano and have spent countless hours tinkling the ivories, mostly jazz standards, some Beethoven (quite a change from All Lutheran Liturgy 2011).

Honored Above All: my grand-daughters have delighted me…   Kindergarten graduation, pre-school programs, first steps…Watching them grow is the Absolute Best…  As always, our visit to Walt Disney World, Princesses & Mickey Mouse was full of Love.  Our Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration in NYC was super.  The Actual Christmas was different this year;  our family was not together physically, but we laughed over the wires and across the miles we held each other near.

Not so great was my sister’s decision to cancel celebrating Christmas with me, but I wish her well and hope that she finds peace in whatever course her life takes.  I’m sorry that our country is too fractured to have civil discussions and wish we’d all put our differences aside.

Every day I  have read;  I bought many new books for my library, including Billy Collins, Wendell Berry, and Hayden Carruth.  I also bought a 140-year-old copy of Josephus’ Antiquities in perfect shape…  Most days I have written and have posted over 300 blog entries:  Sonnystone Acres and Growing Every Season are followed by hundreds of folks and I am grateful for each of my readers.

My home is my haven, my own little paradise where Harmony rules.  My marriage is strong and growing.  I look forward to 2013.

Some years have not been so Great …some years ahead will challenge my strength, as well.  So Thanksthanksthanks for This year, 2012, that wasn’t so bad and mostly good.  Amen.

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