Christmas with the Jrs.

It’s a different kind of Christmas we’re having this year.   Jessica’s brother lives in WY and he, his wife, and their son alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas between Evansville and his wife’s hometown; this year they’ll be here for Christmas.  Being the reasonable in-laws that we are, we grabbed our Thanksgiving in NYC and will let Jess’s family have their time together uninterrupted and unpressured.  (it is the first time Olivia gets to meet her cousin Aaron).

So we celebrated today with Mikey and his family.  Of course, we began with church and the Children’s program (that rocked).  I had a roast in the crockpot and we smashed some taters,  warmed up some green beans, and baked some crescent rolls…


then we opened some presents..!



there is one present remaining to open on Tuesday when she’ll be here for a sleepover, but the movie, leapster game, and Angry Birds catapulting game seemed to be just what she wanted…


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