numbers can really ruin a good time…weight, age, IQ… i think we could get along just fine without ever knowing those 3 numbers.  then there is counting…money, days, tasks on the list… numbers making us crazy or calm…  i like numbers that are evenly divisible by 3, so i feel very peaceful today, but for some reason the kids at school were constantly talking about the “end of the world”…you know, that last day that’s going to be 12/21/12?  even when i jollied them about it, they were all being pretty dramatic.  when i asked one kid just how the mayan calendar said the world would end, the answer was an eye-rolling  “how am i supposed to know?”

somehow i really can’t seem to give a damn.

this week is going quickly and i’ve little to show for it… woke up with another painful abscessed tooth on tuesday about 2am;  took too much hydrocodone, but hey, it hurt.  kind dr. s wrote me a Rx for an antibiotic, so i’m back to just ibuprofen pain.    i did manage to get down to backstage for some 50cent beer as an adjunct in my pain control…

i’m working on the cards and thinking of my friends and family, warm here by the fire…  it will be a verry busy week-end…


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