isn’t santa great in skinny jeans..?  and they are animated..!  mrs. claus’s candle is so bright that i can’t get a decent picture of them in the dark,..  i love them, and all of the couples in the collection.

i had planned on finishing up the christmas tasks this week-end, but i was struck by a GI bug…again.  i’ve been in my jammies all day after spending the wee hours of this morning making gross sounds and emitting…TMI, you say?   anyway, there’s not much left to be done:  cards, wrapping, a few gift cards, and oila!     ‘

i’m still not sure who will get the best gifts of all:  infused bourbon…i’ve made a quart of apple-cinnamon-nutmeg and a quart of orange-cranberry-clove:


this ought to be great…you let them sit for 4 days, then shake them up, strain them, and add some simple syrup.  i’ve got some cute bottles for them and i’m going to design some clever labels.  i must have some for myself, of course, though right now my stomach is rebelling at the thought.

stay healthy…!