week-end wrap-up

oh, what a beautiful morning..!

we started pulling out the christmas decorations this week-end.  i felt like i’d died and gone to heaven when i visited the consignment shop last friday and discovered that someone had brought in their mr&mrs santa claus collection to sell.  there are Tons down there;  i immediately bought up 4 small sets and went back saturday and bought a large, lit, action set.  haven’t been able to get the lighting right to post a pic, but they look goood.  casey got the outside lights up, but i’m still piddling on the rest of it, about halfway finished.  i had to stop for the church christmas program rehearsal, so that’s my excuse.

the weather is glorious, so i did do some outside work,  and today promises to be even prettier.  i’m starting back to the Y for some sweating, huffing and puffing my way on the treadmill right after work.  my girth has substantially grown since i ditched the ciggies 8+ months ago.  i guess i’d rather be chubby than smoking…

as we enter into this holy advent season, remember the wise words of Buddy:


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