Happy birthday, dear husband..!

The most  aggravating thing about Casey is that he takes his time aging.  Not that he tries to cover the silver hair or botox his rosacea, just that he is 22-months younger than I am, so by the time he has a birthday I’m ready to leap ahead another 2 years.  At this rate, he’ll never catch up with me.

I could go onandonandon about how great he is, how much I love him, etc. etc. etc. but stated simply:  He is a great guy who is dearly loved by friends and family.

We went out with the jrs. last night to celebrate.  The look on Olivia’s face in the picture below is indicative of how all we all feel about him:


I think the “grateful” word has been a bit over-used lately, but I do appreciate that this man is my husband and look forward to spending many more birthdays with him…

great, a new wallet!
great, a new wallet!



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