countdown to t-day

this time next week is THANKSGIVING…WTF…OMG…HELLLPPP..!   I’m so ready to be surrounded by my family that i can hardly wait.  But WHOA!!!  sorry to shout, but honestly i am not prepared.

we planned months ago to take off wednesday from work and drive out to nyc, but then i started fussing in my head that i Hate 16hr drives because when i get there i’m so tired, but psyched, and the kids are wound up and it takes forever to get them to sleep, so i stay up all night talking and then i have to get up and cook in the morning and the sleep deprivation  puts me out of rhythm and i get cranky and i’ve only got 3 days there, so, so, so.  so i think we’ll leave tuesday mid-afternoon, drive for a while, then stop for the night. we’ll get an early start the next morning so that we can arrive wednesday evening.   the sooner the better…did i mention i can hardly wait?

but i do have to get serious about the feast:  roast beef, potatoes, carrots, onions in the crockpot;  green beans of some sort;  cranberries of some sort;  breadstuffs of some sort;   this really needs a little tweaking…

did i mention i can hardly wait?

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