every day is so daily…

iiitt’s haarrrdd to write something every day…i’ve already explained it to you, if you actually bother to read this rag when there are no pictures of cute children or tiny riders…  there’s only so much a person can actually reveal about their life, even in an open book like The News.   naturally i try to place myself in an attractive light;  i try not to offend or provoke;  i try to sound wise and witty; i respect the privacy of the people who confide in me, and adhere to HIPPAA rules.

i also edit obsessively.  often there are 3 or 4 different edits of this blog After i’ve published it.  that means I AM the ONLY one who notices that i’ve corrected my overuse of an adjective, changed a verb,  or added some alliteration.   when i go through the archives (i really do that) i have to force myself to not over-parse.

november is a short, full month, so it’s a good time to go back to everyday writing.  as you can tell, there’s already been a lot of action and we’ll be traveling to nyc with the jrs next week, so that ought to be full of fodder for photo and story ops.

but tonight?  tonight, i’m just finishing up typing the christmas program script, fixing up some pasta-pesto (girl has to use up all that pesto), planning our thanksgiving dinner (should i buy the roast here or have melissa order it there?), reading 2 books (nero wolfe and “mr. penumbra’s 24-hr bookstore”), drinking some wine, and wondering what the hell an unpaid military liaison is.

what’s even worse:  i’ve got to get to bed early tonight because we’re doing hts and wts at school tomorrow…  is this the life or what?

at least i wrote Something…

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