post-election exhilaration…

okay, your guy may not have won, but mine did.  i had spent a lot of time studying nate silver’s fivethirtyeight and was pretty confident, but it was amazing to see it all come down just the way he added it up.   the emotion put into our national elections certainly cannot be quantified, but look at the $$ that was spent:  to quote my daughter, it was obscene.

and congress put off a whole lot of stuff until after the election and now it’s time for them to get their asses back to work…compromising.   that “mandate” that the 2010 freshman class claimed seemed to be “obstruct and stall until we get that boy out of the white house”.   it only made things worse for our economy and for our national spirit.  reality bites, so buck up and move Forward.   let this be your mandate, whatever constituency you represent: work for us.  talk and don’t just attack.   and if we all have to chip in to get the debt paid down, do it…

that’s all i’m going to say about it, i promise.  because i have to go to work.  our government needs to do the same.

p.s.  just one more thing:  i Told you fauxnews Lies…

One thought on “post-election exhilaration…

  1. Sister

    Although we don’t agree (but hey – it’s America – we’re allowed to disgree!),
    I’m going to be a gracious loser and say congratulations. One thing we do agree on – we both love this country.


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