really, what’s the world coming to?

all of my life, indiana has banned alcohol sales on election day.  the law dates back to prohibition, that noble experiment that forced rural protestant morality on the so-called land of the free, birthed organized crime, and spread corruption amongst the politicians and police.

i didn’t notice, but in 2010 our _itch mitch struck down that law..!  and that was the Year of the Tea Party..!   ahh, it all makes sense now.

because i am a traditional gal, i’ve stocked up on my bourbon and even picked up a little champagne, just in case…  it’s no fun if i can buy the shit on the way to the polls, for heaven’s sake. i tried to vote early last week, but it just didn’t work out, so i’ll cast my ballot on my way home from work tomorrow…

then i’m going to the mattresses…. we’ll be blogging live tomorrow and i expect it will be a looong night…or several days if it’s as close as it looks.

thanks to most of my facebook friends who did not bombard me with political posts and sorry to the ones who did—i hid you months ago.    i’m not undecided…

stay strong, friends.


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