10 years ago…

my mom died, unexpectedly, while she was sleeping, 10 years ago today…  i’ve been undergoing some getting-older-angst for the last months, often thinking of how she died, unexpectedly, while she was sleeping…  it is a habit of her family to die while sleeping, unexpectedly, a trend started by grandpa eaton back in 1967.  some variation has occurred:  aunt clara was napping; uncle gene was sitting in a kitchen chair;  i think aunt joyce, like mom and grandpa, just woke up dead…unexpectedly, while sleeping…

i’ve debated whether the shock of her death added to my grief, but how do you measure grief for your mother?  from what i’ve observed, folks grieve just as deeply when their mother dies at 90 after a long decline as when their mother dies unexpectedly, while she was sleeping.

i’m a pretty even mix of my parents and carry a lot of mom’s traits;  she would have loved sonnystone, the gardens and woods and often i talk to her while i’m arranging (re) the furniture…  >sigh<  10 years, but she’s always in my heart.


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