Happy birthday, dear husband..!

The most  aggravating thing about Casey is that he takes his time aging.  Not that he tries to cover the silver hair or botox his rosacea, just that he is 22-months younger than I am, so by the time he has a birthday I’m ready to leap ahead another 2 years.  At this rate, he’ll never catch up with me.

I could go onandonandon about how great he is, how much I love him, etc. etc. etc. but stated simply:  He is a great guy who is dearly loved by friends and family.

We went out with the jrs. last night to celebrate.  The look on Olivia’s face in the picture below is indicative of how all we all feel about him:


I think the “grateful” word has been a bit over-used lately, but I do appreciate that this man is my husband and look forward to spending many more birthdays with him…

great, a new wallet!

great, a new wallet!



more images of thanksgiving day…

it was such great weather for the parade…

when we returned from watching the parade, the roast beef in the crockpot was smelling wonderful.  while the kids munched a veggie tray,  we mashed some taters, made a green-bean casserole, gravy, biscuits…you get it…


emma, me, olivia at the TR statue

emma, me, olivia at the TR statue



review of drood

cousin lana and i were back at UE this afternoon for the musical “the mystery of edwin drood”.    it was monty-pythonesque and we laughed all the way through.  if i had to criticize, and i think critics are supposed to, the sound (again) was off for a rather important person, rosa bud.  missing dialogue due to sound problems during the last performance of the show makes one wonder:  didn’t anybody else notice..?  UE always impresses, though.  the roles of princess puffer and john jasper were particularly well-done and the “chairman” was hilarious.

rupert holmes’ play-within-a-play was originally staged in 1986 or something like that and it won a lot of tonys, but none of the songs got stuck in my head or made me want to download it.

one of the best parts of the performance was the choreography, and i thought that even before i noticed who the choreographer was…  you guessed, ricki smith newman.   she has such tremendous talent and has shared it with so many young artists (and old ones, too, i suppose)…evansville productions would have been so much less without her.   someone should do a tribute to her…!

i started to take cousin ronna along, but got a late start after church.  hey, ronna, we’ll take you to our christmas outing, for sure…