worry with me..

i am worried sick over NYC…Lord, this looks like hell.  you may know, melissa and her family are okay, but without power.  i’m not going to make frivolous calls and use up their batteries, so i’m trying to distract myself with my own trivial complaints…and it’s Not working…

at least they’re safe, i know…but what do the days ahead hold for them?  how long will it be before they can even get out and see where their car floated to?  they are very near the east river and i’m sure the water surged all over their usual walk to emma’s school;  what will be left?  what’s going to happen with that crane???

so you see why i’m not going to bother her with my frantic questions…

and what about me?  why does my whining suddenly seem so selfish and…uhm, whiney..?

deep breaths…everything is going to be All Right…  (this is the first time i’ve had the News on since August…glad to see the old Heads again)

take care, new yorkers…xoxoxo

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