what’s goin’ on…

it’s been a busy week here at sonnystone…but all of the activity has taken place off of the premises.  between 50cent beer on tuesday and prix fixe wednesday, we’ve become regular patrons of the backstage.  we took advantage of the $5 cabo wabo thursday night at hacienda again— the waitresses all feel like they’ve gotten a raise.  though i’d bought plenty of groceries at the walmark on monday, i just haven’t been up to the chef-ing; various stressors at work have contributed to my need to be waited-upon.  we did stay home tonight, but ordered in from our neighborhood pizzeria.

menopause, the musical, was hilarious, but not as funny as lana and me… in case you didn’t catch it on facebook, we took a picture of our houston-based-cousin along and she was the life of our little party.  seriously, we got very few “likes” on the fun and i’m kinda miffed…  at least ronna appreciates our humour…  we’re going to have to get together in nola like we’ve been planning for Years…

tomorrow is our master gardener garden convention and the speaker is a guy i’ve always enjoyed:  paul james, the garden guy.  his show, on hgtv, was my favorite years ago, but i haven’tt watched it in a while.  his part of the conference is a q&a, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  we have these programs every other year, but they’ve always been at usi.  this year it’s being held at the casino convention center and that sounds so much smaller that i’m going to have to get there early for a look-see to scout out a good seat.  some local speakers will talk about medicinal herbs and native species;  there will be plenty of vendors.  i have bought some nice daylillies and bulbs at these things in the past, so i’m hoping to find some good stuff this year.  i’ll be taking the camera for live reporting from the show…

but that means i have to get up earlier than usual in the morning…so i’m off for some beauty sleep.

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