what a great time i had..!   i reallyreally needed to spend some time with my daughter.  her family is just soo heart-warming.   i feel better now…thanks.

i didn’t take my Nikon with me;  instead, i packed an old FinePix 3.2mp that casey was trying to throw away…it sucked.  then i started using the instagram feature on my phone, and felt insecure about “sharing”…so i came away with very few pictures and none that i can post right now…and later we’ll have moved on…

in my mind, imbedded in my brain among the endorphins, are the images of Emma and Eliza, their parents, and me playing and laughing and eating and laughing some more.  the weather was lovely, so i was able to enjoy Central Park and walking, also.  Bonus:  Andy Warhol exhibit  at the metropolitan museum that included basquiat’s “head”, several by jeffrey koons, cindy sherman and other intriguing artists; thanks to the sorgis it was topped off with luncheon at Petrie Gallery there.

i always enjoy the dining in nyc because i pay close attention to the blogger “eat something, say something”, and this trip was no exception…! i hoped it would be my last hurrah before getting some control on my over-eating.  maybe tomorrow…had to make a visit to the funeral home this afternoon and fear-of-dying always makes me hungry…

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