equinox of the autumnal kind…

it’s such a beautiful time of year.   i love the chores of autumn:  harvesting the veggies and cooking them up;  re-filling the containers with cabbages, swiss chard, and mums;  loading up a bale of straw with pumpkins and scarecrows.    it’s porch time, lingering in the swing as the sun sets, listening to the high school bands compete while the hummingbirds kamikaze around my head.

lana and i got out to the theatre this afternoon…of course i cried and laughed through my tears (steel magnolias).   this week i’ll try to do most of the forementioned chores as well as prepare for my upcoming visit to NYC…  10 more days..!

2 thoughts on “equinox of the autumnal kind…

    1. hi, victoria! i love your blog..! we’ve been in our house 9 years now and much of our exterior housework is finished, but your project gave me flashbacks to when we were in the thick of it..! it’s going to be beautiful..! thanks for checking out Sonnystone…


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