i have missed writing this last month…have you even Noticed that i’ve only posted 6 blogs in 5 weeks…?   true, i’ve checked in on facebook occasionally, but an absence of this magnitude means i’m preoccupied with the mundane…  my job is not something i can write about, though i could sure tell you some stories.   when i go home, it’s all chores and appointments, things that don’t live up to my standards of bright, witty, or deep…

blogging has definitely inspired me to do interesting things more often…to take more pictures…and there have been some events in the last weeks that i Should have reported:    we went to the new harmony kunstfest and had a grand old time;  i harvested the eggplant and ornamental basils.

i’m headed over to grayville on saturday to visit with aunt shirley…how’s that for a photo op?  and sunday lana sue and i will be going to see “steel magnolias” at the civic theatre.  that’ll get us through the week-end…

i’m baack…

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