yuck, or something that rhymes with it

it’s been a tough week here at the Acres.  while not as tough for me as for sister, i’m feeling somber, sober, serious…and somewhat sick.

donna was hospitalized on wednesday, released late thursday.  she has not signed a consent to allow me to discusss her medical records, but we were all pretty flabbergasted.

the whole scary situation stopped me in my tracks.  i love my sister so much.  we’re not the kind of sisters who do everything together; we talk several times a week, but only see each other every couple of months. our attitudes and beliefs are usually quite opposite, as well as our hobbies and interests.  but i can’t imagine life without her.  the minute or two that i had to consider the thought made me shakily shudder…

then this morning i started in with a Nasty GI bug…no details, but it’s still got me weakened and running for the bathroom.   i started the process of getting in with a new doctor back in april, but kept putting it off.  feeling old and scared, i called and got an appointment.  i guess the Jubilee Year has to include some physical adjustments and lifestyle changes…

you can’t keep a good woman down, though, and both sister and i will be back hitting the nursing home circuit  with our sing-a-long next week.   we may start out feeling as old as our audience, by the end of our 45-minute show we’ll consider ourselves youngsters again.

then we’ll go home and take a nap…

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