that awful day…

we all know where we were when we heard…i had just walked into work at welborn clinic.  the office mgr met me at the door and told me that a plane had crashed into the twin towers.  it took me a second…i said,” they’re tall, but i think you’d have to actually be aiming at them…” as it suddenly dawned on me…and i ran for my telephone.  i got through to melissa and her voice was breaking as she cried, “mom, another one just hit …”  i was numb with fear, choked out that i loved her, told her to stay inside, not to keep her doctor appointment…trying, even that far away to push her under my wing….

Everything Changed.  of course, 11 years would change all of us anyway, but That Day, it was immediate, stunning, irrevocable, fundamental, dna-changing…the melting poles sped up on their way to drown us…

but first, we watched in horror as the towers fell…, as we heard the line “let’s roll!” from over PA, as we saw the swath cut through the pentagon… and we held each other very tightly with our hearts…

the surge of brotherly-love and compassion that swept through our nation was rather short-lived.  today, though, i’m going to call it back up:  remember how we stood together….

i love you New York City..!

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