it’s nearly over and i’ve managed to Not Watch a single minute of TV coverage of the R convention.  smug as i am about only reading my news, thereby avoiding all negative/angry vibes that would slime through my video, i must make a confession:

after reading the articles, i can’t turn away from the angry comments…i find myself irate over what these anonymous assholes write, appalled at their flagrant hate, anger, and psychotic reasoning…   it scares me, both their ranting and my inability to turn away…  i was actually kinda glad that isaac took up a lot of the newsprint…

so i got to thinking about hurricanes vs. tornadoes…i’ve never been through a hurricane, but i’ve been perilously close to tornadoes.   if they could use one of those little tracking modules to predict a week in advance that a tornado was gonna be passing through, i think i’d pack up and go camping for a while.    but then again, casey would probably want to stay and hold down the house…  my heart goes out to all the folks affected…

and we’ll get our share of isaac this week-end, just in time for labor day, thank-you…

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