fridays i’m running straight from school to the track, but next week-end is the last of live racing at ellis.  i’m off saturday and sunday to celebrate jr’s birthday, as well as to actually Watch a Race Face-to-Face, not on TV where I’ve watched the last 100 or so…  if you’re in the area, why not consider meeting up with us next sunday…really, why not?  we’ll be snagging a couple of picnic tables early and we’d be happy to see All of you.

we spent yesterday trimming and planting, harvesting some nice-looking little veggies, if i do say so myself.

my legs and back are complaining today…  never let anybody say that just because a plant is a perennial it’s low maintenance…ha!  i deadheaded the coneflowers Again, cut back the bee balm Again, moved some container plants into the ground, filled in some burnts spots of rudbeckia…etc.   the hummingbirds are acting so aggressively territorial that one ruffled my hair as it dive-bombed the feeder.  it’s dangerous out there…

facebook is Really Not publishing my blog directly any more.  i thought that was happening when i said farewell several months ago…it took them this long to force the timeline on me.  i Do like the timeline (now that i’ve gotten accustomed to it) but i’ll have to learn how to post a link there…  so if you’re reading this, you’re either a faithful follower, or i figured it out …   this ought to separate the cream from the…whatever the phrase is.

have a happy week, however you found me.