let’s jubilee…

I am officially declaring my 33rd year of marriage, 8/15/12–8/15/13, a JUBILEE YEAR… 

it works pretty well with my compulsion to have everything equally divisible by 3, since my 60th birthday will be included in that year

i wish our culture celebrated jubilee years like the Hebrews did…every 50 years was a year of rest, all slaves were set free, all debts were cancelled, all land was untitled.  can you imagine?  the roman catholics celebrated a jubilee year every 25, but all they gave out was indulgences (passes to heaven) and i’m pretty sure you ultimately paid for them.

what i had in mind was more on the order of the queen’s jubilee, though, with lots  of Events…multiple venues…lots of adulation from the crowds…music..art…party-ing…rest/peace…



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