…hooked to the olympics

wow, i’ve really been neglectful of my faithful followers…guilty as charged, but as you can see, i’ve moved a little bit of Stuff around:

7/30/12 — after

we’ve had to move a Lot of furniture upstairs…out of sight out of mind…so the office-eating-tv-watching room had a total makover:

it’s been a slow process because i got hooked on the olympics…i don’t usually care about sports, you know, but there’s something i Loove about the olympic games.  every 4 years i become an expert judge of gymnastics and diving;  the sheer absurdity of some of the sports make them more what i expect of a “game”:  from fencing to beach volleyball, i can’t seem to stop watching.  but, of course, there’s the pomp and ritual in the opening ceremonies…lighting the cauldron begs for drama and we certainly got it, but the juxtaposition of pink floyd’s eclipse with the beatles’ and in the end (even though sir paul was a little warbly) was brilliant.  seriously, check it out on youtube.

i’m countin’ ’em on down to the first day of school now…first day is 8/15.  i feel a little pressured to relax while i can…watch the olympics and play the piano…

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