what a mess…

the carpet is to be installed this friday at 9am…casey is in charge of moving the furniture off of the old stuff, pulling it up, pulling the quarter-round off the trim and painting it.  i’m in charge of…well, i’m the assistant…actually, i’m just trying not to lose my mind in the midst of this chaos.  i continue to maintain the exterior, as noted over at my garden blog, but i can only practice patience until friday evening, at which time i’ve got a helluva lot of cleaning to do…  you know how it is when you move large pieces of furniture–there is megadustdirt and general filth exposed.  ughh..

kinda like the jackson family mess…i’m rather obsessed with their drama right now.  janet has let me down, but paris and the 2 princes are my new heroes.  (and all the titos, too).  nice diversion…

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