re-evaluating the fasstt

actually, fasts are very slow.  it’s been 21 hours and it seems like that’s about enough…i’m starving…this morning’s fruitblend was actually quite tasty—except i didn’t know those cherries had pits when i added them…  the vegetableblend, however, isn’t so hot…cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, spinach, basil, and tomato juice…it’s a little overveggied for me.  since i said in print that i would fast for 3 days, i feel somewhat obligated to live up to my commitment…sort of.  i’m thinking 36 hours is fine, a real sacrifice, proof of my discipline…  and besides, if you’re using me for a role model you need help…

i’m going to avoid the craving by hitting the sack early tonight–maybe i’ll feel differently in the morning.  (i think i could last a little longer if ice cream were considered juice)…

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