3 days…trips and hallucinations

tuesday i drove over to west frankfort for aunt almeda’s funeral.  when her husband, uncle stanley, died i had a nightmare drive with a pregnant sister d that ended with me in a tow-truck trying to buy a tire on sunday and donna being dropped off of an 18-wheeler after his funeral.  don’t ask.  so i was beginning to think i was doomed…  i was going 62west to catch I64 to I57 when the state police shut down 62 for a wreck;  i u-turned to hwy65 to pick up I64, losing a half-hour.  i then had to stop and use the bathroom at the IL rest stop this side of the grayville exit.  that prompted me to get sentimental and take IL1 through carmi and IL14 west…for old time’s sake…fool that i am.  seems illinois (please don’t pronounce that s) highway department actually works in the heat!.  i was stopped for over 10 minutes, twice, watching the guys roll back and forth over the asphalt…   i made it, though, and it was a beautiful ceremony.   it’s sad to think about it…

…so i’ve been getting ready for the new piano, due to arrive monday afternoon.  casey finished up the radiator covers and they look lovely.   we ordered new carpet last week, supposed to be here in 7-10 business days, so i’m piddling around taking the misc. off of the shelves that have to be moved, taking a lot of stuff upstairs.   before i put anything back, i’m going to give it serious thought.

i’m feeling so lazy and stuffed that i’ve decided to…do a 3-day juice fast…or my version.  i’m not sure i can actually go without coffee and i’ve heard that one’s tummy gets quite rumbly, but i’m going to give it my best effort. …i wonder if 3 days is long enough to make me hallucinate??  there’s a tv preacher who looves to fast and he pants around seeing visions and dreaming that he’s a prophet…that would be cool, sort of motivating…

i’m really just trying to give my liver a break…

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